Your Pitch Deck for OEE Improvement Software

Are you trying to get buy-in on switching from manual processes like spreadsheets and whiteboards to OEE improvement software?

We’ve got you covered. This pitch deck template includes 30+ customizable slides with everything you need to successfully pitch OEE improvement technology to your factory’s leadership.

What you’re getting

Your OEE Improvement Software Pitch Deck includes:

oee data

Why complete data contextualization matters and the ROI

oee benefits slides

Benefits of using technology for OEE improvement

oee software business case template

Easy-to-use OEE software business case template

Raven success story

The factory of the future

"Raven's OEE software has completely revolutionized the tracking of our manufacturing facilities. The ease of use - both in installation and daily operation - is unmatched. I love that I know the current status of our equipment, as well as how long it has been in that state  as soon as I walk through an area."

Tyler Bennett, VP Manufacturing
Lester Buildings

two frontline manufacturing employees engaged and happily working