Real-time production tracking software for manufacturers.

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Ditch whiteboards and spreadsheets for an easier way to track OEE and downtime. With Raven’s real-time production tracking software, you’ll account for 100% of production time and uncover hidden losses. See the results for yourself during a small-scale pilot.

  • 90% downtime reduction

  • 12% increase in production time

  • 24x return on investment

  • $37M revenue increase

See why plant managers and continuous improvement teams love Raven for OEE and real-time production tracking

"No more mysteries."

Raven’s software provides visibility we'd otherwise be guessing at. We have insight on OEE that were previously mysteries and we can easily find out if any of our lines are running at the tap of a phone.

Justin Brennan, Director of Operational Excellence, Renaissance

"I love that I know the current status of equipment."

Raven has completely revolutionized the production tracking of our manufacturing facilities. The ease of use (both in installation and daily operation) is unmatched. I love that I know the current status of our equipment (as well as how long it has been in that state) as soon as I walk through an area.

Tyler Bennett, VP Manufacturing, Lester Buildings

"Changed the relationship with our frontline."

With Raven, we’re able to get real-time production data with callouts, and can react in seconds. That absolutely changed everything for us. Downtime decreased dramatically and outputs increased. People are our most important asset and have a very dynamic job on the shop floor. Raven’s production tracking software really changed the relationship we had with our frontline operators.

Mike Gardner, Production Manager, DuraVent Group

"Great experience and incredible value!"

Great experience with Raven. We see incredible value in having OEE available at our fingertips at all times, and our plant has seen the benefit of that. The product is easy to use with a great interface for both machine operators and users like myself who are monitoring production and OEE improvement on a daily basis.

Rick Cicotti, CNC Engineering Supervisor, Nobel Biocare

"From 78% up to 98% uptime in less than a month."

Raven’s production tracker helped us increase productivity and reaction time to issues encountered during production. We were able to increase equipment uptime from an average of 78% up to 98% in less than a month, based on the complete data acquired by Raven. The elimination of manual data entry is crucial to make improvements on any kinds of factory equipment.

Jose Ferreira, Manufacturing Engineer, Medical Devices Manufacturer

"A thing of beauty!"

I strongly believe in the power of Raven's real-time manufacturing tracking software and will do my best to champion it at the right levels of our organization. The shift report Raven created is a thing of beauty.

Operational Excellence Manager, Fortune 100 Food and Beverage Manufacturer


Manufacturing production tracking software for making confident, data-led improvements on the shop floor

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Intuitive, frontline-first design

Empower your frontline to provide important human context with user-friendly smart assistants placed on your lines. Only ask questions when machines don’t have the answers. With the touch of a button, operators can tag downtime without disrupting their work.
production tracking software feature 2

Automated downtime labeling

Reduce operator burden by maximizing your tech stack. Raven integrates with your existing machines and systems to pull historical and real-time data, automatically tagging downtime reasons and giving you actionable insights to make sustainable changes.
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Complete, real-time visibility

Account for 100% of production time and gain a bird’s eye view into people and machine productivity. Bring awareness to the shop floor and drive improvements with Raven’s event timeline, dashboards and alerts. Resolve issues faster and hit production targets.