The Missing Piece for OEE Optimization: Automated Contextualization

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A third of capacity is lost each year to solvable inefficiencies, costing the manufacturing industry $650B. While manufacturers strive to measure and improve OEE, the fact is that 68% of manufacturers don’t trust their plant data — with key data points being lost as a result of manual processes for capturing downtime reasons. This missing data – or “context” – prevents manufacturers from driving productivity improvements, and by extension, millions of dollars in potential cost savings.

Join this webinar panel led by Dr. Paul Turner, COO at Raven and former Vice President I4.0 Applications & Analytics at Stanley Black and Decker, for a deep dive into why understanding downtime reasons is critical for root cause analysis and driving OEE improvements in the plant, and how automated contextualization can solve this critical gap on the factory floor.

Watch this webinar to learn:

  • The challenges that stem from using manual processes to capture downtime reasons
  • Why context for downtime and production losses is critical for improving OEE
  • How AI can use operator input and machine data for automated contextualization of downtime and production losses

Meet the speakers

Dr. Paul Turner


Dr. Paul Turner is a recognized subject matter expert and industry leader in Industry 4.0 applications and advanced analytics, and brings 25 years of experience in the manufacturing space to Raven. Prior to joining, he held product management and consultant roles with Shell, AspenTech, Wipro and EY. Most recently he led Stanley Black & Decker’s global manufacturing analytics strategy as Vice President I4.0 Applications and Analytics.  

Paul has a BSc in Physics from Liverpool University, a PHD in Manufacturing Analytics from Newcastle University, an MBA from Manchester Business School and over 40 publications in the field of AI and analytics in manufacturing.

Martin Cloake


Martin Cloake builds problem-solving technologies from the ground up. After working in numerous roles in manufacturing, Martin realized that technology was evolving in a way that prioritized data over people; reporting over improvement. In 2013, he founded Raven to help manufacturers sustainably improve by augmenting human capability using the best of modern technology and proven lean principles. 

Martin brings his relentless resourcefulness and extensive experience as an engineer, executive, and serial entrepreneur to his role as CEO of Raven. He sets the company’s strategy and leads Raven’s high-calibre team. Martin holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering and Business from McGill University.

Brenda Munyukwi

VP of Operations,

As VP of Operations at Raven, Brenda Munyukwi is on a mission to help manufacturers gain visibility into machines, value streams and production facilities to identify, solve, and prevent downtime using automated contextualization. Her extensive experience in the manufacturing industry ignited her passion for continuous improvement and driving ROI through people, process and tools.

A chemical engineer by training, Brenda also has a Masters in Business Administration and is a member in good standing with the Professional Engineers of Ontario and Project Management Institute. She takes pride in leveraging her experience and education to drive exceptional customer value to deliver ROI.