From the Ground Up: How Renaissance Built a Frontline-First Approach to Continuous Improvement

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Continuous improvement works when focus is prioritized in the order: 1) People 2) Process 3) Technology. Skipping steps or working out of sequence can result in continuous chaos.

In this fireside chat, Martin Cloake, CEO at Raven and Co-Founder of Industry 4.0 Club, sits down with Justin Brennan, Director of Operational Excellence at Renaissance Lakewood, to walkthrough Renaissance’s journey towards developing a continuous improvement strategy. They discuss the challenges of building the strategy from the ground up, how adopting a digital solution has transformed the frontline’s mindset, and key wins Renaissance has celebrated to date.

Watch this webinar to learn:

  • Why a frontline-first approach is the key to successful continuous improvement and digital transformation initiatives
  • How to use technology to engage the frontline and demonstrate the value of their daily work
  • Why operator context is the key to understanding the root-cause of production losses
  • How to use two-way, data-led conversations to resolve real-time and systemic issues

Meet the speakers

Justin Brennan

Director of Operational Excellence, Renaissance Lakewood

Justin Brennan is a people-first leader and coach in strategic planning, operational excellence, and lean transformations. For 10+ years he has worked with frontline teams to c-suite executives in operations, maintenance and project management. Justin is experienced in coordinating multidisciplinary teams to drive successful improvement initiatives across many areas in manufacturing. He brings his engineering and implementation consulting experiences to his role as Director of Operational Excellence at Renaissance Pharma.

Justin has led internal and client teams in the opportunity diagnosis, initiative prioritization and implementation work. Justin holds a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering from Drexel University.

Martin Cloake


Martin Cloake builds problem-solving technologies from the ground up. After working in numerous roles in manufacturing, Martin realized that technology was evolving in a way that prioritized data over people; reporting over improvement. In 2013, he founded Raven to help manufacturers sustainably improve by augmenting human capability using the best of modern technology and proven lean principles.

Martin brings his relentless resourcefulness and extensive experience as an engineer, executive, and serial entrepreneur to his role as CEO of Raven. He sets the company’s strategy and leads Raven’s high-calibre team. Martin holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering and Business from McGill University.