From Whiteboards to a Digital OEE Solution: How DuraVent Transitioned from Reactive to Proactive Shop Floor Improvements

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Shop floor improvements happen when everyone is on the same page and working towards the same goals. But whiteboards and spreadsheets don’t give teams the full picture, or provide real-time visibility into what’s happening on the lines. Without complete data, the frontline is left working in the dark — resolving production issues when it's too late and missing reliable insights to drive productivity.

In this expert panel, Raven’s COO and VP of Operations sit down with DuraVent’s Production Manager to share industry best practices and real life examples of how manufacturers, including DuraVent, have made the transition from manual processes to technology. They’ll discuss how technology has empowered operators to take ownership of improvements on their lines, and enabled teams – from the frontline to factory management – to speak the same language and collect more accurate, actionable data.

Watch this webinar to learn:

  • How DuraVent fully digitized downtime and production loss reporting (and tags 98% of downtime!)
  • Why focusing on people and process before technology is critical for successful digital adoption
  • Ways to enable your frontline to make real-time, data-led decisions every shift, with technology 
  • How to move from reactive to proactive continuous improvement in your plant

Meet the speakers

Mike Gardner

Production Manager,
DuraVent Group

Mike Gardner is the Production Manager at DuraVent Group. He’s been with DuraVent since 2014, leading teams throughout his roles as: Production Supervisor, Production Manager, Lean Manufacturing Manager, and Interim Plant Manager. Before DuraVent, Mike worked across industries as a Plant Manager in multiple facilities including: HVAC, Propane, Precast Concrete, and Electrical. Mike is a US Army Veteran and holds a Bachelor Degree in both Science and Business Management.

Dr. Paul Turner


Dr. Paul Turner is a recognized subject matter expert and industry leader in Industry 4.0 applications and advanced analytics, and brings 25 years of experience in the manufacturing space to Raven. Prior to joining, he held product management and consultant roles with Shell, AspenTech, Wipro and EY. Most recently he led Stanley Black & Decker’s global manufacturing analytics strategy as Vice President I4.0 Applications and Analytics.

Paul has a BSc in Physics from Liverpool University, a PHD in Manufacturing Analytics from Newcastle University, an MBA from Manchester Business School and over 40 publications in the field of AI and analytics in manufacturing.

Brenda Munyukwi

VP of Operations,

As VP of Operations at Raven, Brenda Munyukwi is on a mission to help manufacturers gain visibility into machines, value streams and production facilities to identify, solve, and prevent downtime using automated contextualization. Her extensive experience in the manufacturing industry ignited her passion for continuous improvement and driving ROI through people, process and tools.

A chemical engineer by training, Brenda also has a Masters in Business Administration and is a member in good standing with the Professional Engineers of Ontario and Project Management Institute. She takes pride in leveraging her experience and education to drive exceptional customer value to deliver ROI.